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Travel Information Traveling can be stressful.  Being prepared to travel abroad makes for a  stress-free vacation.  Y.O.L.O Vacations provides you up to date travel information.  We’ll share travel requirements and airport information to all of our resorts.  We care about you! Y.O.L.O Customer

Activities and Attractions

Activities and Attractions Surrounded by sun, sand and sea, guests enjoy activities and attractions of every kind.  Our resorts are the perfect choice for those who like the sporting life and energizing activities.  A wide variety of events, attractions, entertainment and


Ready to make reservations at our vacation rentals… We are ready to help you! Book your All-In budget friendly luxury accommodations today.  Reservations are quick and easy.   Y.O.L.O Customer ServiceY.O.L.O ReservationsResort

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The Tropical

Featured Resort: The Tropical at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort

The Tropical Stretching along 1.5 miles of golden sands at Cofresi Beach, the jewel of the Amber Coast, lays.  The  Tropical at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, the essence of a true tropical beachfront resort experience.  The buildings are 3-Story Mediterranean

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The Tropical: “Best vacay ever ”

This was my first time in Dominicna Republic and I did not want to come back home. I stayed in Cofresi resort but during the day I would go to the tropical lifestyle vip beach and pool. The best workers I met were Julio Nice and The rock , they made me feel like home. They were the people that made my vacation so exciting ! They absolutely love what they do and they know how to entertain people and make them have a good time! I loved my stay here I will definitely come back next summer and bring more people along with me. Stayed July 2015, traveled with family

Carla M. TripAdvisor Visitor

The Tropical: “Lovely vacation and fabulous staff”

I vacationed here last year and liked it enough to return. I was very happy with my room location, steps from the dining area, pools and reception area. There were shuttles thru out the day if you wanted to venture out of your area. The room was clean and maid service good. The food was plentiful, tho not 5 star, it was fine. The staff were most friendly and accomodating and most spoke enough english to be understood and vice versa. Our waiter, Jose Castillo was fabulous and saw to our every need even before we had to ask. Tips were greatly appreciated and as I tip here in NY, i especially wanted to tip for service there. Julio the Rock was fabulous all around, a jack of all trades. He always had a smile and a great attitude and made everything he was involved in great fun. I would definately return again and again.

Lois G. TripAdvisor Visitor

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